1. You know you can trust McKern Steel to do a great job. Why not give the job to a supplier you already know and trust.
  2. You will be putting safety first. Manually lifting T-Bars is not a job for brickies – in fact that could turn into an Occupational Health and Safety Issue. McKern Steel can take all the headaches out of getting awkward, heavy T-Bars into place.
  3. Except for the T-Bars, we don’t hold up anything. We can lift T-Bars into place quickly and easily. And because it is not necessary for anyone to be on site for the crane we don’t hold up your process in anyway.
  4. There's never a problem we can't overcome. We know how to install, even if the roof is already in place. Whatever the issue, we have proven there’s always a way.
  5. One phone call can take care of business. Why not get your steel and your T-Bar lifting from the same place, with one call and only one invoice to deal with.
  Some supporting information. As we’ve mentioned, there’s no problem if the roof is already on. However it will assist us if you could let us know prior to our arrival if that is the case and if it is a tiled or tin roof. This will help us know the appropriate equipment to bring.